na onda do gerador de letras tribalistas, aqui tem um gerador de músicas dos bítous. só que esse é muito mais simples: você põe uma frase besta qualquer como "i love you", "my only girl" ou "be happy" e ele sorteia uma letra exclusiva pra você! djenial.

Do you love me...
do. You know I need a
place to hide but I never
heard them at all till there
was a frying pan. Jojo was

a boy kiss a girl, or
should I feel the way she
knows and all I gotta get
a bellyful of wine. If I'd
been out painting the town, uh

baby, been stepping around. Oh, rock
on George, for Ringo one time.
When I'm getting home tonight, I'm
gonna hold her tight. I'm gonna

break their hearts all round the
table for a ride. Doing the
garden, digging the weeds, who could
ask for more. Will you still

feed me, when I'm sixty-four. Lovely
Rita meter maid. Lovely Rita meter
maid, may I introduce to you
I need you, I was younger,

so much younger than today, I
never needed anybody's help in any
way. But now these daya are
gone, I'm not what I said.

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